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Want to talk with her via phone, it will cost you 0USD to do so (if they have her personal phone number) and email. Please contact us in a live chat or write us an email at [email protected], your case will be investigated and proper measures taken. All the girls that I text them in russian but with latin letters didn't respond to me.Want to have a face to face, well thatll be another bunch of dough and there is no guarantee that the meeting will be a face to face with just two people. had his ship mates tie him to the mast of the ship so he could not go to the Sirens with their irresistible songs. Thank you for informing us about this serious situation. The girls on page 1 are professionally photographed and paid to be there. Dear Alan, Please be informed that all the girls get professional photoshoots from photographers in their profiles. The girls couldn't have a conversation with me in russian. I joined this site for a bit of fun (with wife's permission) to see what it was all about.But the real quicker here is that the profile may be online but communication is not with the person in the profile. They are there to get you to buy coupons and have no intention of dating. But they have a private photos/selfies in the Private section. I made up a profile which would have been irrisistable to most East European woman and then waited. Within 24 hours I had over 30 girls in their 20s longing to meet up with this 60 year old.It could be (and most likely is) with other individual impersonating the profile person and at times you may be communicating with a man impersonating a woman and not a woman at all. Also you can ask the girl to send you a picture of herself and she will gladly do it. So I wrote to all of them saying that if they wanted the chance of a lovely lifestyle they should correspond with my private email address.You communicate on the site for money not with women, you communicate with their photos.

On it you can see the schedule of the company's translators.

The site contracts 3rd party vendors to supply them with profiles and run what they call validated members.

So from here, it appears that the profiles you see and their text have been "vetted" and found correct.

So if she sends a mail with three images, that just cost 20 credits and if you reply that is another 30. The mail has a max capacity of 3,500 characters (that is characters not words) and the text window 300. If you attach a photo (something women request a lot) it will cost 10 credits in chat and free as attachments on messages.

If she sends photos in mails, that is 10 credits each to view (every time) and videos are either 25 or 50 credits to see.

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Some people here say that you have to travel to the girl's country at your expense seeing it as a problem.