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Batman: The Animated Series: In this show, the first time Catwoman develops a crush on the dark knight is after he stops chasing her during a robbery in order to rescue her pet cat from an oncoming truck.

The pilot manga chapter directly alluded to this trope.

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fit=798,491" / Image Credit: Pexels " data-medium-file="https://i1com/ fit=798,491" / had an inkling that I was currently seeing someone. It was certainly more than friendship for us but I knew, we knew that the world, this society we live in, will hardly understand our feelings. They hadn’t taken this heartily and neither would my family. I could just sense what Sid in the movie, Dil Chahta Hai must have felt when Akash teased him and subsequently fought with him. Mrs Morgan, my girlfriend, has been on her own and she isn’t with me for sex. But Mrs Morgan dearly needed someone who would care for her, not financially but emotionally. However, my relationship wasn’t something I was ashamed of. She doesn’t need to keep constant vigilance on you either. And maybe that is the reason why they say that beautiful things are free of cost. We are okay with a Bollywood hunk “lusting” after an older woman but we dare not show him in love with her. " class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-7925" data-recalc-dims="1" / Dating an older woman will come with many advantages. Those won’t be much different from what you will face if you happen to date a younger woman.

Greg was aware of Rose s faults and he inspired her to learn more about humanity and truly see them as individuals and equal.

Paya (Impa s granddaughter) quickly falls for the hero, but doesn t realize it at first, thinking she s sick.

They will only fall for you if you re particularly kind and considerate towards them.

The reason Aelita fell for Jeremie in Code Lyoko seems to be his persistence in helping and trying to make her happy without seeking thanks or reward.

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Even if, for the most part, they only consider him a friend in the common route, it is when he shows friendship towards them and helps them out with their problems that they start to fall in love with him.

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