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Windows dns forward lookup zone not updating

To install the DNS server role and all related management tools by using Windows Power Shell, use the following procedure: Nano Server is a new Windows Server 2016 deployment option.It is similar to Windows Server Core, but has much smaller hardware requirements.However, without the IP address of the root name servers, this process cannot begin.Root hints are used by DNS servers to enable them to navigate the DNS hierarchy on the Internet, starting at the root.With DNS forwarding, you can: If you do not specify DNS forwarding, then when a petitioned DNS server is unable to satisfy a DNS query, it uses root hints to determine how to resolve it.

The first stage to provide name resolution is to deploy the DNS server role on Windows Server 2016 server computers.You might consider editing the root hints information if you want to configure the flow of DNS query traffic within your internal network.This is also useful between your internal network and the boundary network, which sits between your internal network and the Internet.A client app, such as Microsoft Edge, wants to resolve a name (like to the relevant IPv4 address. The process used to resolve this name is described next and is shown in Figure 1-6.As you can see in the preceding explanation and diagram, if a DNS server is not authoritative and holds no cache for that DNS domain, it petitions a root server to start the process of determining which server is authoritative for the petitioned record.

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Since many important apps and services rely on the DNS server role, it is important that you know how to install and configure Windows Server 2016 name resolution using the DNS server role.

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