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At one point, they decided to auction off their copy of .Bidding began at , but with Palmer chanting “Naked Amanda! ”, quickly hit around (cringe) 00 — an entire month’s rent for the majority of us in the back.He has said that Kardashian "lying to him" about her sex tape played a part in their breakup.But no tears should be shed for the end of this union.Gaiman told a story about a little girl named Amanda who drops rubies from her mouth.

Starting with a long line and ending with a room filled to the brim with fans, VIPs, comics) Palmer (theater-pop singer and former Dresden Dolls vocalist) met many months ago, and decided to collaborate on a project.

In another segment, Housing Works had Gaiman and Palmer face each other and ask questions from Post-It notes that audience members stuck in a shoebox prior to the show.

One of the questions brazenly inquired if the two were dating, to which Neil shyly replied (while looking at Amanda), “The two of us have been dating for quite a few months.” Cue exuberant cheers and applause.

Tyler said of meeting Phoenix, "I fell in love with Joaquin the second I saw him." less Joaquin Phoenix and Liv Tyler met on the set of the 1995 film "Inventing the Abbots" and fell in love, moving in together during their three-year romance.

Tyler said of meeting Phoenix, "I fell in love with ...

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They met on the set of the movie "Murder by Numbers." Gosling has referred to Bullock and another of his exes, Rachel Mc Adams, as "two of the greatest ...

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