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This compares with 7 percent on education and 9 percent on health.

A major overhaul of the system to get 24-hour power would take -6 billion based on the government’s own estimates, he said, adding the state could find much of that through private sector partnerships.

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Four decades ago, Lebanon used to export power to its larger neighbor Syria.

Asked about repeating this elsewhere, the EDL source said the priority was an overhaul on a national level under a 15-year government plan announced in 2010 which aims to eventually provide 24-hour electricity across the country.“The technical solutions are all proven and tested, what is needed is the political will to make a decision,” Beides said. Rival political blocs blame each other for the electricity crisis and tensions have been exacerbated by the conflict in Syria, which has driven more than 1 million refugees into Lebanon and put more strain on infrastructure.Lawmakers nearly came to blows at a meeting meant to address infrastructure issues this month.The situation is so bad that even people fleeing the conflict in Syria have been heard to complain.Outages have plagued Lebanon since its own 1975-1990 civil war and the power crisis is a legacy of that conflict, with the country now shackled by paralysis in government and widely perceived corruption that has put a brake on development.

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There are no quick fixes to the power crisis even though public discontent over poor services has helped galvanize talk of finding solutions.