Virtual high school dating games

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Virtual high school dating games

The Solus Project challenges you to survive on wild ruins of unknown civilization.

Perhaps, this is the most unusual attempt to recreate a hybrid survival gameplay.

After spending 15 minutes in you will probably feel the tension in your body and hands.

Less experienced players can just limit their gaming session in order to adapt to the game.

As well, with some more affordable gadgets like Samsung Gear VR and Google’s Cardboard and its successor Daydream.

And more, we have a huge selection of games to support these platforms.

Get Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope (Multiplatform: Vive, Oculus) The game that has already become a classic of the genre.

The Lab consist of various VR games with story for you to choose from.

And then imagine that these feelings will be twice as strong. It has everything you would expect from it: big guns, hordes of enemies, intensive shooting, crazy humor.

Fans will notice that all key features from the original series are in place – blood, flesh, bone, explosions.

Plus, now you can shoot enemies Macedonian style with two guns.

For those who strive for a challenge, there are more difficult scenarios with active physical activity. You will be able to play with him a simple «throw-a-stick» game.

The Lab on Steam (HTC Vive exclusive) Ever dreamed about conquering Mount Everest?

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You can walk around, interact with different objects, or just admire the photo-realistic graphics.

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