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Updating boot partitions for the volume as required

To be clear, what we’re describing here is a Mac that is stuck on an all white screen with no logos, no progress bar, nothing, it’s just a blank white display.

There are vairous potential causes for a white screen to appear on a Mac during startup, so we’re going to cover a wide range of troubleshooting tips that may resolve the issue.

Of course, we’re assuming the destination Mac(s) that are going to get Yosemite are compatible.

Basically, if the Mac is capable of running OS X Mavericks, it is capable of running OS X Yosemite too.

Not all steps may be required to resolve the problem, you may be able to simply reboot into Safe Mode and reset NVRAM and fix the white screen issue, for example.

This is quite easy; simply reboot into Safe Mode on the Mac with a properly timed shift key press.

You can also perform a clean install (which we separately address in a thorough walkthrough here), or update multiple Macs without having to download it from the App Store again.

Be sure to always back up the target Mac before updating OS X, whether to OS X 10.10 or any other version, you can follow detailed instructions on how to prepare a Mac for OS X Yosemite here. The aforementioned steps have been tested repeatedly and are confirmed to work flawlessly with the OS X Yosemite final release.

Aside from having a proper backup, reinstalling Mac OS or Mac OS X is fairly straight forward: You can read how to reinstall Mac OS Sierra or how to reinstall OS X, including El Capitan, Yosemite, and Mavericks, depending on the system software on the Mac.Again, it’s not entirely clear why this works, perhaps it’s just the general act of rebooting yet again as verbose mode shouldn’t really do anything different aside from appearances, but nonetheless it does seem to sometimes work to bypass a stuck white screen on some Macs.If the other approaches are failing, you may need to reinstall Mac OS system software.Attempting a Safe Boot is easy and it can remedy some simple issues with a Mac getting stuck on a white screen during boot.If the Mac works fine in safe mode, try rebooting again as usual (without holding down Shift) and see if it works as usual, it just might.

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Now that the drive is ready, you can move on to making the actual installer.