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It supports 50/60/66/68/75/83MHz front side bus, 1.5x-3.5x multiplier and has a 2.5/2.7/2.8/2.9/3.2/3.38/3.52 dual/single voltage switching regulator.The fastest processor for the (Super) Socket 7 is the AMD K6-III( ) followed by the AMD K6-2 and the AMD K6-2, at up to 600MHz.I have no idea how it got in there but I decided to clean it up too.To fix both problems I had to open up the LCD screen.

3V5 2V7 3V3 2V5 2V9 3V2 2V8 1k5 R Vout Well, that's about it.

The voltage divider consists of two fixed and six 'switchable' resistors (which are switched 'on' (1) by transistors Q6.. The voltage regulator adjusts Vout (Vcore) so that Vin is 1.5V.

Note: The resistances shown in this text are the (ideal) combined resistances of the transistors and the resistors!

The water marks were very noticeable on a white background and it was very irritating.

– the screen also had dust and lint inside also very noticeable on a white background.

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