Thereby consolidating the overall network accounting

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However, many private sector analysts believe that the economy has actually slowed much more.

The slowdown in investment has caused a drop in commodity prices, thus hurting exporters such as Australia, Brazil, and South Africa. Although China is the third largest export market for both the U. and Europe, even a sizable drop in exports to China would only cut U.

Currency movements In the past year, the value of the U. dollar has risen strongly against most major currencies. The result has been disinflationary pressure in the U. This could potentially hurt the financial sector in emerging markets. Although capital spending by the energy sector has been dramatically cut, a sharp drop in output is unlikely.

This was driven by low oil prices, the relative strength of the U. Moreover, even if production declines lead to a spike in prices, this would rapidly lead to increased investment in shale production, thereby causing an increase in output fairly quickly.

First, a rise in the value of the renminbi against non-dollar currencies has hurt exports to Europe, Japan, and elsewhere.

Second, excess capacity in industry and property have suppressed prices and margins and caused a slowdown in investment.

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The drop in manufacturing activity and trade has hurt East Asian countries that are part of China’s manufacturing supply chain. S./European GDP growth by a few tenths of a percentage point.

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