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In the beginning of the series, he and Homestar Runner would battle each other in competitions such as jumping the most jacks, lifting as many grapes as they can, and doing tag-team wrestling.As the series went on, Strong Bad became less of a villain, although he still hates Homestar, but not so much as an arch rival, mostly viewing Homestar as dumb and irritating. Along with his physically intimidating but mentally limited big brother Strong Mad and his yellow lackey The Cheat, Strong Bad represents the self-proclaimed criminal element in the series.Strong Bad is a fictional character from the Homestar Runner series of animated Flash web cartoons.He is portrayed by Matt Chapman, the principal voice actor and co-founder of the series.His eyes are green and shiny, and apparently turn grey when he is dead.Usually his mouth is a peach-colored rectangle when not speaking, and can form the shape of an "o" when using words with an "o" sound in them.Many shorts concern the various practical jokes and scams that they perpetrate.Although these are usually only slightly malevolent, Strong Bad still acts as if he is a villainous mastermind, and is highly prone to exaggerating his alluring qualities—especially with regards to women.

He seems to be a character influenced by the American popular culture trends of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, such as heavy metal music and the second and third generations of video games and video game consoles.It consists of a barren field, a fence, a tire, and a stop sign reading "Pop: Tire" (Pop meaning population) leaning against a cinder block.Strong Bad said he bought the property from Bubs in one email, although he originally said he ruled it since "diaper school".In the older sbemails, his computers are often subject to "flagrant errors", as in the sbemail "50 emails".Several "alternate versions" of Strong Bad exist in other cartoons on the website.

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It was once "haunted" by the ghost of the Tandy 400, Strong Bad's first computer.

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