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"I have heard people say 'get close to your Congressman' — af- ter he is in. Schweizer, manager of the Ard- • more branch of the Bell Telephone Company. She was the only local president to represent her club as a delegate. Hare, of Ger- mantown, on Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock, in the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Narberth. Her finger- tip length tulle veil was fastened with a sequin Juliet cap with clus- ters of baby white chrysanthe- mums on either side, and fell over a full skirt ending in a short train. Miss Joyce Reisener was her sis- ter's maid of honor and Miss Helen Irish, of Germantown, ser- ved as bridesmaid. To Hold Card Party And Fashion Show The annual Card Party and Fashion Show sponsored by the Auxiliary of St. Seems he is the new public relations director for the Automobile Club of Philadel- phia.

The property, located on the I '• south side of Lancaster Ave., just west of Church Rd„ is now occu- pied by a gasoline station and is • owned by St. Agreement Signed ' Schweizer stated that although final settlement has not been com- pleted, an agreement of sale has • been signed by officials of the church. Announced Wednesday The announcement was made at a meeting of the calendar committee of the club held in the club rooms Wednesday afernoon. Mc Cartney is president of the Narberth organization. Grey, of 41 1 Woodbine Ave., Penn Valley, and her three daughters, Judy, Jane and Joan, spent two months vis- iting in Kansas and Denver, Colo. Grey joined them for the last three weeks, and they returned home Tuesday by car. Alex Gilnllan, of 101 Rockland Ave., Narberth, and their daughter, Miss Mildred Gil- filian, will return from the Po- conos this weekend. Reisener, of 310 Essex Ave., Narberth, became the bride of James Michell Hare, son of Mr. The maid of honor wore an apple green taffeta dress made on the same lines as the bridal gown, with short scalloped sleeves. Simpson, of 707 Bryn Mawr Ave., Penn Valley, took place on Saturday, August 10. Luke's and Chil- dren's Medical Center, will be held on Tuesday, October 8, at the Merion Cricket Club, it was an- nounced this week by the auxili- ary president, Mrs.

Ca- |T brey, of 2 Narbrook Park, Nar- berth, returned recently from Po- land Springs, Me. On July 20 Euler was notified that the sheriff had not evicted the family. Latch was accompanied to Bala-Cynwyd by his \mother, father, two sisters, and his younger brother, and even before he was given the keys to his new car, he filled out the necessary papers for a learner's permit. The drive was brought to a close Tuesday evening with a gala meeting of the entire group held at the Cynwyd Club at 8 P. Guest of honor for the evening was Albert Cogall, past principal of the Overbrook School for the Blind. A new con- crete sidewalk was built by the Township last Fall in anticipation of the State's plans to widen Bala Ave. At its completion the street will be an eight inch, uni- form, reinforced concrete pave- ment. and the Radnor Township Line in both Lower Merion and Haver- ford Townships will be enlarged to carry off excess rainwater. Politics Is Job Continued from Page 1 he doesn't suit you, run yourself. Lafore Presided The meeting was held to launch an intensive register-to- vote campaign which has been organized on a house-to-house basis. LOANS Make your application at out bank for your F. 69th St, Upper Darby Bryn Mawr Horse Show Is Revived Traditional Event To Be Held For First Time In 6 Years The 51st annual Bryn Mawr Horse Show, one of Suburban Philadelphia's oldest social and sports events, will be held this September for the first time in six years, W. Art Di Gioia's homer put Ardmore ahead in the second. In next week's column, Marty Lyons will tell hoio to play the No. Mc Carthy led the league in bat- ting throughout most of the sea- son, slumped to ,395 in conclud- ing weeks. All three stars and Shuckman were chosen on the 1946 Main Line League All-Star team.

Tom Butler, AUS, who has been stationed at Fort Knox,. On their way • home they picked up their two eons, Peter and Terry, who had [ f been at Camp Gregory, Dry Mills, '• Me. Facilities Disconnected Daubert has since charged that the gas and water in the apart- ment was turned off. The school was the recip- ient of all the proceeds of the drive. ALL PRODUCTS AT RETAIL To Eliminate Continued from Page 1 highway, which parallels the East Branch of Indian . Lower Merion Township will bear the cost of construction of the approaches to both ends of the highway. As a part of plans to improve the drainage system of South Ard^ more and Wynnewood, a new con- crete inlet will be constructed at the corner of Argle and Hillside Rds. Actual plans for the three pro- jects were drawn up several years ago, but the outbreak of the war prevented letting of contracts for the work until the present time. Lafore predicted that the drive will result in the heaviest regis- tration at the November election in the history of the township. Given Stose Dancing School Studio 701 Braeburn Lane, Penn Valley Fall Classes Now Forming in TOE - TAP BALLET ACROBATICS Phone: Narberth 2915- J Autumn - Groomed PERFECT DRY CLEAN- ING — Assuring you of a crisp, brand-new appear- ance after each cleaning. ADELIZZI BROTHERS TAILORS - FURRIERS CLEANERS AND DYERS 102 Forrest Ave., Narberth NARBERTH 2602 228 Bala Ave., Cynwyd CYNWYD 0928 F. Plunkett Stewart, president of the show, has an- nounced. In their second encounter, Ma- noa and Narberth battled through 10 innings before the Boroughites scored two runs to decide. 1 pitcher, never was in trouble, meanwhile, as he tamed Ardmore with eight hits. Oth- ers chosen for the all-star array were Williams, Drexel Hill, first base; Rosenfeld, Drexel Hill, sec- ond base; Kaminski, Manoa, third base; O'Nell, Manoa, catcher; Jack Williams, Narberth, and Creany, Drexel Hill, pitchers. Ardmore 5027 Breakfast - Luncheon - Dinner We cater to special parties for all Occasions B CM* t The Finest Food at All Time* Donoghiie's 62nd ft WALNUT STS.

When Miss Faries told her aunt the was thinking of Having one of her favorite Summer hats copied in black felt for this Fall and Winter, Miss Reichner, who cele- brated her 90th birthday Satur- day, said: "Why I used to have a black felt just like that. Up to the Minute "It's just exactly what I want- ed," said Miss Faries, "You couldn't find a better looking hat in any of the shops today/' Miss Reichner was born and raised in Bowler'fc Woods, named after her grandparents, and has since been re-named Penh Valley. Bala Ave., Bala, and construction of a new drain- age system in Wynnewood ■ to less- en the danger of damage during heavy rains will also be under- taken in the Pall. 38, of Bryn Mawr, pleaded guilty Friday in Montgomery County Court to a drunken driving charge despite the fact Dr. On the way home to his sister's home in Ardmore Park, he stopped for a few drinks, he said. General chairman of the com- mittee in charge of the banquet is Mrs. B-C, Narberth Rotary Hear Guest Speaker A resume of progress made by labor unions since their beginning was presented to members of the Bala - Cynwyd - Narberth Rotary Club at a meeting held Tuesday afternoon at the Overbrook Golf Club. And last week he was comitted to still another State school, the White Hall Industrial School, near Harrisburg, by Judge Harold G. The story of Roland Johnson begins in July, 1941, when on the recommendation of the Children's Aid Society he was committed to the Allentown State Hospital. Edgar Scott, Jr., chair- man of entries, and includes Mrs. The preliminary playoffs will be resumed Saturday, when Narberth will play at Manoa and Drexel Hill will play at Ardmore.

Bell, a member of the law firm of Bell, Murdoch, Paxson and Dil- worth, of Philadelphia, was elect- ed lieutenant governor in the 1942 campaign. However, not satisfied with its fit, she took it back to the shop this week to be re-blocked and freshened. Her aunt, Miss Jane Bow- ler Reichner, bought it 65 years ago to complete a new Fall outfit. 1 ' Following much searching and after a locksmith was called to break the locks on several of the old trunks, they found the hat. A new concrete-reinforced road will be constructed on an acre and a half of ground given to the State Highway Commission in 1941 by the late Parker Williams to eliminate the East Wynnewood Rd. Joseph Mawhinney, of the Acci- dent Investigation Squad, as "one of the worst in the township." The new roadway, with a uni- form width of 22 feet, will run from a point opposite the railroad tunnel to slightly beyond Elmwood Ave., Narberth. Nar- berth Borough will pay costs of draining the new stretch of Continued on Page Two Pleads Guilty To Drunken Driving Bteyn Mawr ©river ^ Passed Sobriety Test After Taking Drinks Leonard Gillespie. Messmer, Lower Merion Township police surgeon, did not pronounce him intoxicated or unfit to drive an automobile July 5 when Gillespie was in- volved in an auto accident. Knight he started to hunt for an apartment and then went to a twilight baseball game. Flood, pastor of the church and himself a veteran, and by Mrs. Sug- gestions from nearby residents and members for the actual loca- tion, design, and adequate equip- ment will be welcomed by the committees, he said. Introduced by Fred Landman, a member of the vocational service committee of the club, his subject was "Labor and Management." Nineteen visitors from Rotary Clubs in Philadelphia, Wayne, Norristown, Downingtown, Upper Darby, and Conshohocken were present at the meeting. mm Bryn Mawr Boy, 17* Sent to 6th State School in 5 Years Seventeen - year - old Roland Johnson will tell you he comes from Bryn Mawr, but since he's been twelve he's seen little more than the inside of one State, in- stitution after another. They will occupy a plot of ground 350 by 400 feet between the Commerce and Finance Buil- ding and the Stadium. Pays Costs Not only the cost of the buil- dings themselves and their trans- portation here is being borne by the Federal Government, but also the financing of sewage and plumbing facilities is being han- dled by the government under provisions of the G. Narberth, Drexel Hill Can Gain Main Line Finals on Saturday BOROUGHITES AT MANOA, HILLERS VISIT ARDMORE IN CRUCIAL 4th, GAMES Making up for a bad beginning, Narberth and Drexel Hill swept to two consecutive victories in the Main Line Baseball League playoffs to take a 2-1 advantage over the holiday weekend.

Suzanne Gill, of 216 Dudley Ave., has had fun on her Ocean City vacation . Iraaik -Wyi^ Dies In Ardmore Plan Bicycle Trip The Main Line Twenty-To Club has scheduled a bicycle trip and weiner roast for September 11. Sparks from the hot water heater ignited soot in the chimney. The two finalists of this best out of five-game series will qual- ify for a similar series, beginning the following week-end, with the title vacated by Brookline at stake. Lower Merion's marksmen, among the finest in the country, recently captured the Eastern Po- lice Pistol League championship for the eighth time. The club is especially useful when the greens ^ are fast and you need extra loft to ) make the ball ■stick.

This is the story of Roland Johnson, formerly of Bryn Mawr, on the Main Line. Williams, of 422 Wellington Rd., Penn Valley, called Narberth Fire Company after he noticed smoke pouring from his oil burner. thus evening the series, the de- ciding games will be staged this Sunday at Narberth's Borough Field and on Drexel Hills' dia- mond at City Line and Burmont Rd. Other Lower Merion scores: Frank Flynn 275; Brady Utz, 268. A'tffe, ss Men*dez t If Henry, rf Falcone, c Di Gioia. With the 8- iron you can play anything from a full, lusty shot to a very short chip.

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Euler, who has established a plumbing and heating business in the first floor store, stated that he wanted to occupy the apart- ment so that his wife could help him with the store. Desert, a bus driver for the Red Arrow Lines, was celebrated Tuesday morning at Our Mother of Good Counsel Church, Bryn Mawr. Desert, who was 53, died at her home, 873 Penn St., Bryn Mawr. Desert came to America in 1011 and settled in Bryn Mawr shortly afterwards. The presentation climaxed a three month welfare fund drive by the organization. Wynn would have celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in April next year. It then smashed into a tele- phone pole, bounced back into the street, struck a parked car and sped away, despite a flat tire. This is a country, where everybody counts — but only if he is willing to stand up and be counted." Pitman was introduced by John A. It does not matter whether it is for a new home or for an old home, we can place it for you. The National Bank of Narberth MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM / NEW MEN'S STORE opminq. Contributions to the Association are acceptable by mail, directed to the Treasurer, Miss Essyllt Evans, of 406 Woodleave Rd., Bryn Mawr, or at the concerts. Manoa evened in the third and scored the deciding run when Walt Kamin- ski singled to center and checked in on Joe Papieves' hit. The body will control the entire motion of the so-called "inside out" swing, and the length of the backstroke controls the distance you will hit the ball. Caniglia finished second in league batting, which was topped by Al Shuckman's .419. Armstrong, who hit .346, was Rookie of the Year in 1945.

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