Sex slave and master chat site

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Do what you will, I can't force you to rename the software.But, I'd ask you to give this a little more thought before you dismiss it.

If I were to have had a horrible experience in a town called Drupal as a child, perhaps several people, would we rename Drupal? Computers have no bad history associated with the word.

;) It's generally frowned upon to continue using potentially offensive terminology when there are vastly better alternatives available.

Reading stuff like "here are the steps I had to take to get my slave running" makes my skin curl. What's wrong with calling the coordinating machine the "testing server", and the various machines that help run tests "testing clients"?

Next we can get backup, archive and filesystem listings to stop using the horribly discriminatory ageist terms "older" and "newer".

Then, maybe, we can come up with a new pair of words that signifies "the one that gives orders" and "the one that does what it's told".

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A politician says something that could, with a very loose interpretation, be seen as racists...everyone is on their case even though an reasonable person knows that isn't at all what he/she meant. Soon I won't even be able to "eat" because there or "obese" (not "fat" mind you) people who take offense to the word "eat". I don't know maybe I'm insensitive, maybe not..things get taken to far.

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