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“Up on the table…there you go.” She inspected my knee while I sat hunched over with my arms crossed in my lap. “I’m going to need you to lie on your back for me.” She held my leg gingerly while I twisted and got flat on my back, all the while doing everything I could to cover my stupid, everlasting bulge. You seem to be moving with some difficulty.” “No, just my knee.” She continued to gently poke at the injured joint. “I just have to be sure.” Her hands moved higher up my thigh. “And from what I can see, you have nothing to be ashamed of.” I suddenly began to wonder if I’d dozed off in Algebra and was having a wet dream in the middle of class. I choked back a surprised gasp, but she had to know I was shocked by the way I tensed up. You can relax.” “It was only my knee that got messed up.” “I need to be thorough. That’s when I decided to take a closer look at her. “Don’t get all worked up, it’s a standard survey to assess teen risk factors. I don’t know...maybe once or twice a week.” “Oh, okay, then.” “Why? “Of course, boys tend to cut the number in half because they’re embarrassed, so that means for you it’s more like four times a week. “You appear to have a healthy erection.” I felt her lift my penis. “Look to your left, please, Alex.” One of her fingers traced down my shaft. Even though I was as embarrassed as humanly possible, it still felt kind of good.

The more I tried to make it go down, the more Michelle’s gorgeous ass made it even harder. “I need you to rest your arms at your sides.” “Oh.... ” Nurse Cady’s voice was patient, but also a little amused. She just smiled that strange little smile of hers and went back to feeling up my leg. You don’t want me to miss something and get into trouble, do you? I was also acutely aware that her face was hovering just above my hard dick. “I like that.” She straightened up and removed the stethoscope from her ears. I’d guess Nurse Cady was somewhere in her mid-thirties. This is just between us, your parents won’t know about anything you tell me here, so you can be honest.” “Like doctor-patient confidentiality? So, no sex for Alex…yet.” She marked something on the form. Do you experience spontaneous erections at inappropriate times? “I’ll mark that one with a big ol’ yes.” I wanted to cover myself again, but I knew that would only draw more attention to it. And, of course, we only remember an average of about fifteen percent of our dreams, which puts you at about twenty-five or so erotic dreams a week. ” Her tone was the same as my mother’s when she knows I’m lying. Now all I had to do was not jizz all over the place.

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” “Definitely no.” “Hey, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it,” Nurse Cady commented and jotted down my response. “Lighten up, Alex, it was just a joke.” “Oh...ha, yeah,” Everything was a little wrong side up again. And this time I was sure that the top two buttons of her uniform hadn’t been undone when I first came in. You can do it yourself if you want, but I would suggest that in this case you allow a professional to handle it.” She placed her warm, soft hand on my naked belly and smiled. “Do I have your permission to masturbate your penis to ejaculation in order to alleviate your sustained priapism? ” “It’s a boner that won’t go away.” She took a hold of my dick. I give you permission to...uh, masturbate my penis for ejaculating?

I was no doubt freaked out by all of this, but at the same time I couldn’t stop being aroused by it. Do you prefer nurses with small breasts or big breasts? “Big breasts would be my answer then.” I looked over at her to make sure she knew I was joking (but not really). “The problem we have now is that I can’t send you back to class in this condition. ” “Good enough for me.” Nurse Cady began stroking me. It had to be some sort of elaborate, x-rated version of . She watched what she was doing with that little smile on her lips. “Okay, thanks.” “I’ve seen a lot of cocks over the years, so I know what I’m talking about.” Her other hand cupped my balls.

Mixed collection of interracial sex with hot mature and young wives, shared by cuckold or swinging husbands at wild sex parties! Very hot and so stunning amateur women, who love to flash their sweet pussies upskirt at various places in public. You better go see the nurse.” She helped me up onto one leg. She held my elbow ineffectually as I hopped toward the big double doors. “My knee is broken in a hundred places,” I explained through clenched teeth. “I don’t think it’s broken, but you may have a sprain. She made a comment to her friends under her breath, then came over to help me. Next thing I knew the gym was turning the wrong way up. ” was the only sympathy I got from our compassionate coach. “Sorry,” I offered when the silence got too weird for me to handle. I do have an amazing ass.” She bumped her hip against mine and we almost toppled over together. “Oh....thanks.” “If anyone asks, I stayed with you the whole time.” She turned sharply and headed off in a direction that would not take her back to the gym. It’s healthy for a boy your age to exercise his penis often. More if you can.” “Oh, okay.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. A sex question, if you want.” “Okay, fine.” My mouth was going dry. “Quite a lot, actually” I looked down and noticed for the first time that she wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. “I need to check you for hernias.” She pulled on a pair of rubber gloves. As I hung weightless, I couldn’t help but notice the way Danielle’s over-developed breasts bounced when she made her dismount from the balance beam. We began moving down the hallway at a more reasonable pace. And sometimes not even that much.” “You really should masturbate more than that, Alex. Sex, that is…” “Yes, I like it very much.” Her hand squeezed my leg. I also like to do it at night before I go to sleep.” This was too incredible to be real. ” “Yup, let’s get you down off that table first.” She helped me down and I did my best to balance on one foot.

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I couldn’t get a good look at her legs, but I was happy to check her boobs one more time. I have a whole bunch of questions here that I have to ask.” I reached for my t-shirt, but she picked it up and set it aside before I could grab it. These thoughts did little to distract me from being almost completely naked in front of a woman.

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