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For SA2020 President and CEO Molly Cox, hindsight is, well, 20/20. It was just dumb." Though all four parties were tasked with approving the panel — made up of Jon Hinojosa of Say Sí, Kiran Bains of the City of San Antonio Diversity and Inclusion Office, Cruz Ortiz of Snake Hawk Press and Veronique Le Melle of Artpace San Antonio — all are now acutely aware of the oversight. Critics of the panel argued that Cox, as moderator, should have just called one of the many Latina artists in attendance to the panel on the spot. For me to stay there would have legitimized that farce," Fernandez said. Bains, as the person responsible for diversity in local government, gleaned that she'll have to dive into the history of arts and culture in San Anto to make any headway."In an effort to find a neutral voice we ended up excluding an entire group of people," Cox said. For Ruiz, the error showed that inclusion must be an active, deliberate choice. Ana Fernandez, a local Latina visual artist, suggested that at the time. "I think there was a space needed for that expression of anger and frustration to be spoken and heard," Bains said. "There's an overlap there with the institution and individual.So to learn from them – to advance the collective dialog about diversity and inclusion and to ensure they don't happen again – we spoke with civic leaders, diversity experts and people who were justifiably just pissed off.Here's what they told us: No Easy Fix Institutional discrimination and oppression won't be solved overnight.

Tell them we will not stand for exclusion it recognition anymore. Vanessa Martinez Campos San Antonio Current's cover is disgusting, if it's real. (But still somehow includes our food and some velas, go figure!

There she helped found the South Texas Popular Culture Center, or Tex Pop, collecting artifacts and memorabilia to celebrate the city’s musical heritage. It is being described as a casual memorial and also a potluck.

RELATED: Sex, music writing and the Margaret Moser interview that never happened “Tex Pop wouldn’t exist if Margaret Moser and MK didn’t have the vision to make it happen,” a recent post on the museum’s Facebook page, celebrating the successful end to a “Summer of Love” event said. “Bring a dish to pass/share, your favorite beverage, your memories of Margaret, and your guitar, if you choose to use the open mic for the evening, because we’re celebrating her life and legacy,” the event listing says.

We failed to reflect the majority Latino community, the city at large. A staff of two general news reporters, a music editor, a digital content producer, two senior editors, two dozen freelancers and a group of rotating interns all work toward five objectives: to serve the city as tastemakers, to be a daily destination for readers, to aggressively tell stories, to provide a new perspective and, lastly, to improve the community around us. Instead, we alienated more than half of San Antonio's population in one fell swoop.

We failed to honor our own editorial standards, and, more importantly, the city we're privileged to write about. But we also use the occasion to improve our publication, and, hopefully, the city as a whole.

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Our editorial decision-making will evolve to keep us from ever making the same error, and to ensure that the magazine reflects San Antonio's valuable diversity – of ethnicity, class, sexual orientation and all the other ways we're different.

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