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Then he challenges you with some four turns and turn patterns that are sure you make you stand out on the dance floor and/or impress your friends and family. In the last hour of the SALSA 1 course, Seaon helps you refine your stylings and hone your turning skills. and we hope you will take it right out to the nearest club to practice and show off your new moves. This is the beginning - there's no where go but up and out .

This is where you'll learn the secrets of shoulder rolls, body rolls, shoulder shakes, etc., and add new turn patterns changing hands and using your arms in different ways.

In this 4th hour of the series, Seaon gives you some open footwork that looks flashy but should easily fall into your repetoire of shines. He has been teaching, choreographing and performing his unique SALSA techniques and stylings all over the world at SALSA events, festivals and congresses.Now, in this brand new introductory course he will teach YOU everything you need to know to get started having fun and dancing at any Latin Dance Club or SALSA event locally, or anywhere in the world!The party starts with a 1-hour showcase with some of the best salsa & bachata performances from all over the world!After this spectacular showcase ‚Äčthe party continues with no less than 4 areas: Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and a mixed area.

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