Remember the milk ical not updating

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Remember the milk ical not updating

Our storyline view shows a photo just big enough to enjoy, but small enough to see more than one at a time.If you want to see more of your pictures at once, just pinch to zoom out, and you’ll see a thumbnail view of your collection.The Photos app should scream “photos,” so we’ve added an edge-to-edge photo that appears in the background on the home screen of the app.When you open the Photos app for the first time, you’ll see a nice photo there, but you can change it to whatever photo you want, so it’s one of your own. All of the rich views in the Photos app are especially helpful when you’re ready to share or print your photos.What we need is one place where we can see, relive, enjoy, share, and immerse ourselves in all of them, all in one place.For the Windows 8 Consumer Preview we released an App Preview of the Photos app that introduced a new way to enjoy more of your photos.And of course, the best way to view a photo is in its full glory, so naturally, you can also view a single photo at a time.

This makes the Photos app in Windows 8 a great way to show off your photos without having to huddle around a phone.We realize the myriad places you have to go to see all of your photos, so we decided to bring them all to you in one place.Because you can connect your Microsoft account to services like Facebook and Flickr, you can get to all of your photos and all of those memories just by signing in to Windows 8 with your Microsoft account.But notice: the thumbnail view isn’t just all of your photos cropped and displayed as square thumbnails.We show your thumbnails in the way that best represents the orientation of the photo.

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Since the Consumer Preview, we’ve been listening to the feedback and have been hard at work making improvements.

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