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When we first started going out I used to ask him about every 30 mins if he needed a wee and he got the hang of it really quickly.The best thing for going to the loo out and about is a Pottette which I bought from a bootsale for 1. Its basically a portable potty that folds flat and then the legs pop up.Nothing about having a baby scared me except potty training but its nothing to worry about. X Bibs and Stuff Potette Plus - Boots I had a portable pottette for my 1st son too. I wish I'd had it the day we went to the library without it - our library has no loos and DS announced he needed a poo which meant I had to take him outside and dangle him over a nappy bag then drop the bag in a dog mess bin!!I never minded letting him wee by a tree in the park and in an emergency I had to let him wee in a corner of the bus stop once.

Just starting to think about training 2nd son, so all of this is about to come flooding back (no pun intended!!

Hi, I was really nervous about taking my son out without a nappy, but its been ok! He dropped his pants in the middle of the park shouted "wee" and did a wee on the potty, he does'nt care!

I take the potty and keep it under the pushchair, and take anti bac wipes to clean it if he needs a wee, he has been really good! ) I have been sitting him on an old towel in the car seat and pushcair. The other day he saw the potty in the boot of the car and insisted he needed a wee after approx 5 mins after going to the toilet, so he had to sit on it by the car in a carpark lol! I was bit aprehensive but it was fine so dont worry!

or generally beng in places with no toilet, do i just start taking him places close by for a while to get him use to it, mentally toughen up against whatever radom strangers willl think of me when it all goes wrong lol sorry for such a long post about a subject i know has been talked about enough but just tips, advice, knowledge i am not the only one scared or no nappy outside, struggling if my boy doesnt like this whole no nappy outside thing, i did once try have him wear easy pull down shorts with nothing else while we were inside, but he just thought right my mickey is covered i can wee when i want, and after 3 chages i realise he didnt understand, so does tackling the clothes without nappy issue in the house before we venture out locally sound like a good starting place?

i think it could take him 2 weeks to fully understand this..

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