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So make sure you try them before you punch out of life, or more realistically, until you get tired of everyone arguing politics all the time.Sorry Ben’s, the half smoke at Meats & Foods is the best in the city.Let’s be honest: eggs, butter, and cheese are the stuff dreams are made of.Kudos to the little country of Georgia for figuring out how to combine these ingredients oh so well in a big bread hot tub.If you’re going to eat a retro treat, don’t settle for strawberry -- after all, those are the Pop-Tarts said to be the most flammable.

The gas station that’s okay to eat in continues to churn out top-of-the line chivito sandwiches.Grab some sour, squishy injera bread and use it as a vehicle to get raw, seasoned beef to your mouth along with little scoops of greens and cottage cheese.If you’re squeamish about beef that hasn’t seen heat, there’s a fully cooked version too. Now expand your horizons to try them together: Little Serow’s signature dish calls for pork ribs that have soaked in Mekhong spirit.As you mow your way through the plate, the wings on the bottom get rolled about, soaking up the saucy goodness that gradually drips downward. Sometimes after a night on the town, you just want a slice of pizza as big as your arm.No one’s saying this is one of the city’s best slices -- it isn’t -- but it is is a DC classic, the perfect vehicle to soak up the night’s regrets.

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If this sausage were a hotel, it would be a five-star chateau in the Champagne region of France.

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