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Posted by / 28-Jan-2018 17:10

I assume you have a pre existing account using the POP protocol, which only downloads the contents of the inbox.

Hotmail/Live/MSN/Outlook dot com now support IMAP which is a synchronized mail service, changes in one reflect in the other.

Once the Sent Items Update service is enabled, by default all of your mailboxes will be updated.

However, you may change these settings and define the exact scope of mailboxes to be updated or excluded from the update.

When it comes to hybrid environments, the autoconfiguration option is not available and admins must provide the account credentials manually.

Important Be advised that the Sent Items Update service is accessing a mailbox of an original sender in order to update a message.

If you choose to go for the autoconfiguration option (available for on-premises setups only), an account fulfilling all the above requirements will be created automatically by the Sent Items Update configuration wizard.If you opt to assign the account manually, the software will only verify and, if necessary, add impersonation rights on its own.Important Be aware that in any case, to properly configure the Sent Items Update service you must be logged on to the system with an account that is a member of the Domain Admins group.If you right click your \new IMAP account in the folder pane on the right immediately after you create it, and select subscribe you can unsubscribe from that folder so you do not see it I assume you have a pre existing account using the POP protocol, which only downloads the contents of the inbox.As signatures/disclaimers are added to sent emails directly on Exchange Server, they are not visible in the Sent Items folders of your mailboxes.

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To open the configuration wizard of the Sent Items Update, either click Settings on the program's toolbar, choose the Sent Items Update tab and click Configure, or choose the Click to change link in the upper right corner of the Administration Panel (Fig. Depending on the environment type you have in your organization, an appropriate option must be chosen.