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The wedge of Rakhine closest to Bangladesh has been in lockdown since October 2016.

Deadly attacks by the militants on border police sparked a military response that left scores dead and forced some 87,000 people to flee to Bangladesh.

“The alleged scale and gravity of these attacks mark a worrying escalation of violence,” he said.

- New crackdown fears -The UN’s top official in Myanmar, Renata Lok-Dessallien, called on all sides to “refrain from violence, protect civilians (and) restore law and order”.

It went on to add “With fast improving security situation in this region, militants are denied hideouts here and some of them have relocated themselves across the border.

Amnesty International said there were now fears over how Myanmar’s notoriously abusive security forces might respond.

The move comes against the backdrop of a large number of Rohingya Muslims fleeing Myanmar and seeking refuge following a crackdown by the military in the Rakhine province.

A visa-free movement regime (FMR) exists in the four states along the Indo-Myanmar border, under which people from both countries can stay for up to 72 hours in the area with effective and valid permits issued by the designated authorities on either side.

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The ministry of home affairs (MHA) is reviewing the impact of a bilateral agreement with Myanmar, which allows free movement of people from the two countries within 16km of the Indo-Myanmar border.

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At least 89 people including a dozen security forces were killed as Rohingya militants besieged border posts in northern Rakhine State, Myanmar’s authorities said Friday, triggering a fresh exodus of refugees towards Bangladesh.

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