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Sleaze Roxx: Seeing as the debut EP is hard to find these days, did you ever think of adding it to No Strings Attached?Mif: No, it never crossed our minds, for the same reason as I mentioned earlier!Sleaze Roxx: Your new album No Strings Attached was just released, what led to these songs finally seeing the light of day?Mif: About a year and a half ago Pete Dove (original bassist of Slash Puppet) contacted me to tell me that Much Music had started playing our video for the song Slow Down which we had released independently back in 1990.

After having been out of the scene for almost 13 years, the buzz on the internet was quite surprising and impressive as it became clear that fans worldwide were still seeking out anything that was Slash Puppet.

I am hopeful though that we can all get back together on stage at some point and do a show or two, hell, perhaps even a tour if the situation with this CD release warrants it!

I’ve never had a problem with this concept even though I’m full into what I’m doing now, and working on what I am hoping will be my next record with my new band.

Besides, we can start with the early era of Slash Puppet with ‘No Strings Attached’, and who knows, perhaps we can move on to the latter years in due time! Sleaze Roxx: Does that mean you’re thinking of releasing more Slash Puppet stuff already?

Mif: The potential to release more material is always there, but no, we’re going to see how this does for now and we’ll worry about down the road…down the road!

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We decided to put out an EP instead of a full length disc to keep the costs reasonable and made a final decision to release the new songs only, but to include Slow Down from the ‘vintage’ stuff primarily as a treat to all the fans who had begun and stuck with us up until then!

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