Jermaine clement dating

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Jermaine clement dating

Created by Luke Nola ( director Taika Waititi) are two symbiotic creatures who go on an unexpected stop motion journey.

When their host, 10-year-old Ben, gets an itch in his butt, the plasticine duo find themselves exiled to his nostril.

Meanwhile in his Marlborough vineyard, globetrotting cinematographer Michael Seresin critiques Kiwi society and its ugly towns, and calls NZ a “lonely, soulless sort of nation”.

Also on offer: Artist Phil Dadson in Antarctica, and award-winning dancer Ross Mc Cormack.

how to express your ire when a bovine companion compares your face to a talking pie.

Capper and Clement's Robert and Sheepy duo first debuted in short film is one of a series of shorts in which two sheep — Robert and Sheepy — ruminate on the ovine issues that really matter eg. Here the daily schedule is discussed, including the menu selection (grass).

Host Brendhan Lovegrove explores the speech patterns of Southlanders, Andre King does his best to ensure he won't be invited back to Palmerston North, and Sully O'Sullivan reveals himself as a menace to small animals and moving vehicles (but with a possible future in survey research).

On their quest to get home they meet a petri dish of other microbial folk.

Created by Luke Nola ( mark an early screen appearance for "jungle folk comedy duo" Flight of the Conchords.

Sam Manu stars as the Tongan Ninja, while Jemaine Clement (), who co-wrote the script, chews the scenery as his arch nemesis, the anonymously named Action Fighter.

The film plays for laughs - think B movie accents and bad post-dubbing - and hangs off a flimsy plot involving an evil crime syndicate's hostile takeover of a Chinese restaurant.

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This special episode of the TV stand-up comedy series showcases a newly blonde Cal Wilson and features guests Flight of the Conchords, who spoof small town tourism operators, take office supplies as metaphors for love to absurd lengths, and serve up some overly polite, self censored gangster rap. Katie the Chief Bridesmaid's contribution to nuptial disharmony invokes Rowan Atkinson's 'Father of the Bride Speech' by way of Lyn of Tawa, while her "sister" Adele is a painfully earnest feminist poet in a neckbrace.

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