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She seemed entirely too comfortable rejecting a claim outright for such a minor technicality, as if she did it all day.

I've filed a complaint with the Massachusetts Consumer Affairs Division of Insurance, and I wrote this blog. It's not the end of the world that our stupid furniture has some damage, but we paid you money to insure it and you failed to live up to your end of the bargain.

When the last of the group entered the grounds of the castle, one of the guardsman turned to shut a gate when he shouted at the tourist to stand back.

The scared tourist saluted nervously at the guardsman as shocked bystanders start muttering outside the popular tourist attraction.

” when the visitor went to pose for a picture with the man in full uniform.

The video shows the guards marching through the grounds of the castle amid a group of tourists at the royal Berkshire residence.

We bought a bunch of furniture from Domain 3 years ago.

Fortunately after much searching I was able to track down the sales receipt. A couple weeks later they left a message saying they needed some additional information.While I was going through the hassle, I thought I'd get them to repair the back of an upholstered leather chair that was coming loose.When I called they took down all my information and then E-mailed me claim forms.We had a feeling the kids might mar the sofa in some way - and they did.A red marker stain now stretches about 4 feet across the sofa.

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One of the requirements spelled out on the claim forms was to submit a copy of the sales receipt showing we purchased the Guardsman protection.