Gabe saporta dating erin fetherston

Posted by / 01-Aug-2017 20:29

While she and her husband, musician Gabe Saporta, have lived in N. “I’m originally from California, and I wanted to take my maternity leave here so that I could be close to my family,” she explains.

Gabe, who seemed totally smitten with Fetherston, told us how he met his girlfriend.

“In the past, I’d worked with the company, designing a beach towel and even wrapping paper, so I had a great relationship with them,” she says. Loft Click through, above, to get a peek at Fetherston’s tranquil space, where she can now lounge quite happily with her husband and one-month-old son.

“With this house, we wanted to experience another way of life and to create a family friendly place,” she says.

"The couple chose to tie the knot in the gardens of the historical St.

Nicholas Abbey plantation," a rep revealed to Us Weekly.

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I feel like she sees my shortcomings, she sees my potential, and she's got my back no matter what. There is no one I'd rather spend my time with."Awww!