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Finally the way the NBA brainwashed people into believing he`s the "GOAT" allowed him to do anything and he wouldn`t be considered lesser for it. Man u r John Wooden, someone should give u a coaching job.

Apart from the ridiculous rule changes which Kobe and Lebron somehow get blamed for (MJ fanboy logic...) he QUIT BASKETBALL in the middle of his career, failed in the play-off's for years and BANNED A FELLOW PLAYER FROM PLAYING IN THE OLYMPICS! They changed the handchecking rule BEFORE the start of the 94-95 season. He lost most of his athletic ability when he came back and did most of his work from the post and from mid-range. U looked up some stats and still got shit wrong, and all of a sudden u know everything. Yeah, MJ gets over rated by a lot of people and Wilt was one or the best, but u say a lot of dumb and wrong things.

Take a peak at the video below to see how you can make it! Body of cardigan is worked from side to side, in one piece, beginning with left front.

Summer is over, it is a whole new round of “back-to-school” and “back-to-work” again!!!!

As you can see from the photos, this zipper pencil case has a zipper that opens all the way down from top to the sides.

We are adding the pattern to your Crochet Patterns. You'll probably be too excited about this vintage pattern to even read anything on this page.

Equal standing dunk to Karl Malone Onyx Dwight isn't exactly known for being an elite low post finesse guy whereas Jordan toward the latter end of his career actually was known as an elite low post player and is still regarded as having arguably the best post footwork of any player not named Hakeem. Hey man are you aware of this massive argument that's taking over this website?

On like half the pages I go on I see a load of guys, one named ARod against a load of guys but mainly Hamish10 slinging irrellivent curses back and forth at each other.

In fact he couldn`t beat Sidney Moncrief and Terry Cummings, in a single game of a 1st round series...

1-12 before Pippen - considered best play off performer ever = OVERRATED. SHOOTING - Considered to play in one of if not the toughest era in NBA history = OVERRATED.

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He played in an era where from 1990-1998 there was no shooting guard other than clyde drexler(only twice) and MJ that came top 10 in MVP voting and when Mj QUITS BASKETBALL for 2 years which SG takes his place on the NBA 1st team? Next the NBA realise MJ is getting old and ineffective so what do they do with no clear superstar to make them money next?

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