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It wasn't long before she began to pursue her own acting gigs.When she was 13, she portrayed the young Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in the TV miniseries Jackie O: A Life Story, and she recently finished filming The Ring 2 with Naomi Watts.Other than these flaws -- which are major, in my opinion -- the series still has its moments.

Birthdate: July 6, 1983Birthplace: Toronto, ON Gregory Smith landed his first role at the age of six in the movie, Andre.

We draw closer to the non ironic melodrama world of Dynasty and Melrose Place than we were in the first season.

Once, you could have said there was no show with quite the attitude and ambiance of Desperate Housewives first season. The show we knew is slipping away into mundane sameness, and its unpredictability is becoming too patented and predictable. The show has fallen from 10 of 10 to more like 6 of 10.

Think of it as Twin Peaks without the midgets and hunchbacks --and Kyle Mac Lachlan eating dessert. Three episodes in, there hasn't been a dud yet.

This show is just bizarre and enigmatic enough to hook the broad and deep audience that deserted network series television so long ago that they find themselves doubting now whether TV was ever worth the trouble. I predict a popular backlash against this show, and have in fact seen some evidence of it already, simply because so many people are crazy about this show and cannot say enough good things about it. But have patience, and don't try to read between the lines of fan praise. These people will make a mint on First Season DVDs, and deserve to.

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I have a hard time selling this series to the guys I know because they assume it's another night time soap ala Melrose Place. The sharpest, wittiest, most wildly unpredictable writing now being done.