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They may, however start aggressively rubbing trees to vent their pent-up energy and show off their self-perceived dominance to other bucks.

If you find one of these rubs during the late pre-rut, hunt it as soon as possible.

Start looking for rubs and scrapes, especially towards the end of the pre-rut.

Most wildlife bilogists and experts at the QDMA would tell you that this is the most accurate method for determining when the rut takes place, and it varies very little from year to year.Best Communication Tactics: During this pre-rut you may start to see the first signs of rutting activity as a small percent (around 10%) of does come into estrus around the pre-rut moon, but that typically drops off quickly.Older does sometimes breed several weeks ahead of other does and bucks may start seeking them out at this time.Moon phase theorists predict an intense, "syncrhonized" rut this year - meaning that doe estrogen levels peak, buck testosterone levels peak and the rutting moon all occur near November 1st.If this theory holds true, 2017 could be one of the most intense ruts we've seen in awhile!

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In this article we will get right to the point and provide the most important things you need be aware of during each phase of the rut, and some average dates when these rut phases typically occur in the Northern and Mid-Western states.

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