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Dating yourself

Find an activity that allows you to lose yourself – for you, it might be running, painting, surfing, watching a movie, reading or bushwalking.

Whatever it is for you, make a commitment to yourself to do this each week.

If you’re struggling with online dating or stressing about being the only single person at your friend’s wedding (don’t worry that happened to me three times this summer!

), my recommendation is to spend a few weeks dating yourself. Go out to your favorite restaurant, order exactly what you want to eat, and drink a glass of red wine. Go to the bookstore and buy a new book you’re dying to read.

He has uncovered the secrets to living a great life in a sustainable and rewarding manner.

So, tip number four is all about bringing meaning into your life. Ideally, set a goal for each area of your life that requires extra focus.

Seligman’s research found that having positive relationships in our life significantly increases our wellbeing.

This may be about religion or spirituality, or it may be something completely personal to you. If the achievement of your goals were not for you, who or what would they be for? Not outrageous, toe-curling, world-changing goals, but stimulating, achievable, short-term goals.

For example, if you notice that your finances are out of balance and your fitness has slipped, you might set one goal for each area of your life to be achieved over the next 3 months.

Stay motivated by breaking the goals up into smaller milestone and celebrate your small wins.

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” “Smiley, I want to have a family and I’m 32 and single, my life is worthless! First off, if so many amazing people are single, why is everyone having so much trouble meeting the right partner? It might inspire you to explore a new passion or find a new job.