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Dating site for new yorkers

And if a group of actors reinventing live performance and a boundless chef blazing his own hyperunique trail can do it, we’ve got a feeling their fires might stoke yours, too., her and bandmate Patrick Wimberly’s most recent album, is packed with inventive tracks aided by a stunning cacophony of unexpected sounds, making it one of the most hauntingly beautiful records of 2012.

But, she’ll have no problem living up to (and exceeding) expectations with the duo’s next album, which is already proving to be majestic.

Everything in NYC is bigger, faster, and more intense.

That Fernandez never quite convinces as the supposedly soulful, brilliant young writer proves a real impediment.

Fortunately, the veterans in the ensemble provide some compensation, with a goateed Noth infusing his familiar-feeling character with intriguing nuances and Parker superbly underplaying as the aggrieved wife who manages to keep her anger boiling mostly below the surface.

His father Christopher (Chris Noth), a famous novelist/professor and notorious womanizer (is there any other kind?

), has just been injured in a car accident caused in part by the sexual favors he was receiving from one of his young female students while he was at the wheel.

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Unfortunately, the romantic angle doesn’t prove particularly interesting, and neither does Fenton’s wrestling with his internal struggle about what kind of writer he wants to be.

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