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First of all, I walked in and the desk staff looked like they didn't feel like being there, not friendly and quite rude with the eye rolls. They found a polyp which was immediately removed during the procedure.

When I told them i made the appointment through Zocdoc, the desk girl turned to the girl sitting next to her and said "you need to take this off of that," then looked to me and rolled her eyes at me saying "you're gonna have to wait over an hour" I said "thank you" and walked out. Dr Keila Hoover and his staff have been extremely helpful to me with a variety of my issues. She may have just saved me from a battle with cancer. The doctor came in and listened to my heart and lungs.

Sometimes some additional tests can wait just a bit and are not as urgent. Hoover is very fast when spending time in the exam room.

If you have a lingering question or concern, speak up!

Lots of questions are pouring in about the process of turning the book into a film. I’m not making the film, so I can’t answer all the questions I’m receiving.

However, I have absolute confidence that Hackybox Pictures will do the book justice and I’m excited to see how it plays out.

It should be noted that the data may not be representative of Dr. All comparisons are made to the average Family Practitioner in the state.

Orozco's Medicare prescribing records in 2013 (the most recent data available from Medicare for this provider).

It's all about making me as a patient feel like I'm a person and not just a patient. Other than that (which are big things for me), I like the facility- very clean and organized and will visit again but only as needed.) I highly recommend her as a general and family doctor. The staff was very friendly and efficient and as I rember I had a positive interaction with every staff member I came in contact with. She was rude on my 1st visit and she was rude again today when I tried to speak to her she attempted to silence me by talking over me while I was speaking and then tried dismissing what I was saying. She diagnosed and ordered tests needed without wasting mine or her time.First impressions count and I can honestly say that because of how my first appointment went I'm able to feel confident that I made the right choice in selecting a PCP office. It was an important matter in regards to paying for the visit, but she seemed more concerned with collecting my money for the visit than listening to what I was saying. Keila Hoover has been my pcp for a little under a year and I am very pleased with her. Staff is very friendly and stays busy working to help keep office flowing smoothly. She is quick, but thorough and caring with minimal wait time.The following calendar depicts the total value of pharmaceutical payments to Dr.Orozco on all dates between August 2013 and December 2015 when payments were received. Substance abuse treatment facilities offer treatment for drug addiction.

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She isn't the type to hang around unless you need her to, but if you have something on your mind, she thoroughly addresses it!