Carbon dating information kids

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Carbon dating information kids

“Today’s report is another example of the great benefits that come from clean-burning natural gas,” Marty Durbin of the American Petroleum Institute said in a statement.In the run-up to the Paris climate accords and the months after, the trade group has organized a campaign touting the benefits of natural gas (, Jan. Durbin was the CEO of America’s Natural Gas Alliance, an industry association that API took over last year.In order to fully comprehend the impact of fossil fuel mining on the current state of the environment, it's necessary to understand what the carbon cycle is and how it works.

The agency’s statement is the latest in a series of signals, dating back to 2014, that the world’s nations have begun to separate economic growth and carbon emissions.

In order to comprehend the carbon cycle, it's important to understand what happens when carbon dioxide is released and how fossil fuels are formed.

When a green plant dies, the carbohydrates are usually broken down by fungi or bacteria, which are decomposers.

The Fungi and bacteria undergo respiration, which allows them to release the carbon back into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. Over time, the ones that weren't eaten became what we know as fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels were formed as green plants or plantlike protists (single celled organisms) that underwent photosynthesis and then died. As layers of carbohydrate-rich material accumulated on the ocean floor, they were covered by sediment that fell to the bottom.

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