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You can either assign the Data Table to the Binding Source's Data Source property or else assign a Data Set to the Data Source and then the name of the Data Table to the Data Member. A Data Set is essentially an in-memory representation of a database.

As I have already told you, you are saving the data twice so, if the first save changes what's in the database then obviously the second save will throw a concurrency error because the data in the database is different to the original version of the data in the Data Row.

The Display Member is the name of the member of the bound objects to display in the control.

The Value Member is the name of the member of the bound objects whose value should be returned by the control's Selected Value property.

The whole point of DB Direct methods is that you work directly with the database, i.e. If you're using a Datatable then don;t use DB Direct.

If you have populated a Data Table then you DO NOT use DB Direct methods.

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That's for bind specific properties of the Combo Box to values from a list or an object.

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