All totaly free and no login phone chat

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All totaly free and no login phone chat

Pankaj Naram told me that Giorgio Armani is one of his patients! " Then he told me that the President of India was another one of his patients. But see that's the thing: He tests you with an outright lie and sees how you respond to it.

Then, based on that gullibility and how big he determines your wallet is (based on his interrogations about your profession), he gives you a number of drugs.

Dr or Naram) Hi Viesia, Thank you for your comment.

When his assistant Lisa told me that he just takes your pulse and that's it, I was shocked. It was uncomfortable but it seemed like she was trying an amateur version of hypnosis or the staring game LOL. She took my pulse and spurt out script #4.1- and as I fed her information, she molded it back into her treatment- "Yes yes I knew all of that, this will cure all of it! Then she tells me as a young girl that I "might lose weight" if I took this one herb and asked if that would be a problem. Everyone knows that in the west, most women would love to lose 5-10 lbs.For anyone who has questions - or would like to contact about anything directly -- please email [email protected] [email protected], or call the new number 877-719-3118 Dr Naram does not need to tell any stories - thousands of people around the world (including people I know and love) are able to tell their own story about what happened as a result of his help with Ancient Secrets, and then anyone can decide from their own heart and mind what is best for them.This is not a "quick fix" - it takes time and effort, and is not a "one-size-fits-all" - each person's situation is different.Provided that we are all scammed from time to time, some get scammed over and over.I can bet you anything that most of the "patients" in Dr.

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I actually agree with analyzer570 in that he/she says "do not look for the miracle instant cure it all pill" - in fact that is also what Dr Naram teaches - how to eat right, live healthy, etc.