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Expressions represent verbal and non-verbal behaviors and actions involving the expression of tenderness and affection (e.g., a sweetheart would take a treat to his or her partner on a stressful day).Concern and Communication relates how much importance a person attributes to the awareness of a romantic partner's problems and ability to communicate about problems and issues (e.g., lovers should be able to tell each other their problems and concerns and try to help each other resolve them).Romancing rates an idealized attitude towards love relationships, putting emphasis on feelings of excitement and tenderness in the presence of the loved one (e.g., asking a spouse for a date after marriage is romantic).Sensitivity and Spontaneity refers to an attitude of being ready to respond to the needs and desires of the loved one (e.g., lovers should be expected to participate in spontaneous activities with each other).Some young women took the decision to avoid being forced into an arranged marriage, often with a much older man.In other instances, it was the only way in which a woman could inherit her family's wealth.By taking an irrevocable oath to live as a sworn virgin ("burnesha" in Albanian) in front of village or tribal elders, a woman can be elevated to the status of a man, thereby becoming entitled to all the rights and privileges of the male population.Besides taking a vow of lifelong celibacy, Burnesha women usually don the trappings of masculinity to underline their transition from male to female -- cutting their hair, wearing male clothing, and sometimes even changing their names.

Answering these questions was the objective of this study.This rating scale consists of 70 items which participants rated on a 5-point Liken scale.According to Pederson and Shoemaker (1993), Togetherness describes the degree of approval of activities carried out only with a romantic companion.This was particularly important in a society where blood feuds have frequently resulted in the deaths of many men, which can leave families at risk of losing all their assets with no male heir to inherit them.Some have said they became sworn virgins simply because they felt more male than female.

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It was hypothesized that, despite its European charm, and due to its old traditions about family values and social duty, Albanians would rate significantly lower than Americans in romantic attitudes in each of the five categories.