Advantages and benefits of online dating

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That should be its “rap.” Actually, I’m shocked that it’s taken so long to commoditize this aspect of human relationships.

Since at least the Industrial Revolution, humans have been commoditizing everything in sight.

For a thorough search with a personal touch, consider matchmaking to meet that special someone.

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With online dating, I could purposely see women so starkly different from my ex — in race, ethnicity, education, culture, profession, etc.

— that I was more likely to focus on them, and less likely to project.

On that statistically “slim pickings” number of opportunities — akin to what the surviving members of an endangered species have — we based our most important decision: selecting a mate. In 20 years or so, when we can study the durability of these relationships, maybe we’ll find out that these marriages, compared with those of the less recent past, happen to be more enduring.

According to the latest statistics, more than 40 million people in the United States online have admitted to using online dating services to help find a date.

However, although there are certainly many success stories from happy couples who met online, the Internet is not right for everyone in search of love.

Put in perspective, we each probably spent more time apartment hunting than having experiences that helped select our now-divorced spouses. If so, the pundits probably will cite “commoditizing,” and all the good flowing from the concomitant expansion of experience, learning and choice, as why.

Brooks fleshes out his critique by claiming that commoditizing is “the opposite . love.” By this, he must mean that online daters are selecting people from little photos that march down screens like aliens in the game, viz., by objective characteristics, versus the unquantifiable aspects thought to catalyze true love. Online dating also is heavily lambasted for its mishaps.

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Facebook, Twitter and email — apps arguably responsible for the decline of written communication and normal conversation — get about the same proportion of accolades as online dating gets abuse. And then you enter into a relationship and begin to unearth the really interesting stuff. Whether the things that lured you in are what you really want…

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